iPad Settings

  • Name iPad: Settings, General, About   Enter your first and last name

    Location Settings:  Turn on for Maas360 App

    System Settings: Turn on Find My iPad

    Updates: Keep your iPad updated to current iOS

    Maas360 Notifications: Either turn on Notifications for Maas360 or check the messages within Maas360 on a regular basis. 

Register for Self-Service Password Reset

  • Instructional Video - Click here

    You must answer at least 5 questions to register.  Each answer must contain at least four characters, and no two answers may be the same.  

    Make sure you document your questions and answers so that you are able to use the password reset portal. 

    Click on the link

    Enter your k12.nd.us login 

    Enter your password

    Follow the online screen prompts and complete questions


Office365 Password Reset

  • If you forget your password or wish to change it, you can visit the reset password portal. Three of the questions you answered earlier will be presented to you randomly.   You will need to answer all three correctly.  


    Instructional video - click here