Beulah Miner Speech

Head Coach: Erika Dyk

Assistant Coach: Antoine Poitras


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Jan. 26 (Sat.) Beulah

February 2 (Sat.) Washburn

February 9 (Sat.) St. Mary’s

February 15 (Fri.- no school) Hazen

February 23 (Sat.) Shiloh Christian

March 2 (Sat.) Garrison

March 8 (Fri.) New Salem (I94 Sail West)

March 9 (Sat.) Richardton I-94 (I94 Sail West)

March 23 (Sat.) Killdeer

March 26 (Tues) Richardton (HS only)

April 9 (Tues.) Regionals @Richardton

April 27 (Sat.)   State @Mandan High School