Miners Football 2018

   2015 Championship Coal Bowl 16

    Morris vs DT     Coal Bowl 16


Beulah Miner Football Core Values

We believe that a championship football program is built on the foundation of selflessness, respect, dedication, trust, hard work and pushing beyond preconceived limits daily.

We also believe that one of the key aims is to continually maximize the extraction of synergism within our program.

We further believe and endorse that continually striving to maintain a championship program makes those in the program better individual people, which will provide a positive effect on our community.

Finally, we believe that we have a responsibility, not only to ourselves, our teammates our school and our community, but also to the past and future Miners.


“So, as you go into battle,

remember your ancestors

and remember your descendants

                       -  Publius Cornelius Tacitus


Check out the "football history" tab for scores going back to 1975.  If anyone has missing scores or scores from previous years please email to: jim.dooley@k12.nd.us.  Thanks.