Beulah Professional Development Committee

  • Amber Skalsky, Elementary School and PD Coordinator

    Dan Ziman, School Board Member

     High School

     High School

    Rebecca Huss, Middle School

    Faye Roth, Elementary School

    Jeff Frank, Elementary School

    Sarah Becker, District Curriculum-Technology Partner

  • Professional Learning Plan Guidelines
    1. The Professional Development(PD) Committee will oversee local PD offerings.
    2. Individuals or committees may recommend potential local PD activities to the Professional Development committee for consideration.
    3. The Professional Development Committee will distribute a tentative list of local PD offerings to certified staff members in May of the previous school year; updated PD calendars will also be maintained on the Beulah District website.
    4. A PD calendar for the coming month will be maintained on the Beulah District website. The registration form will be available on the PD calendar site. . If less than five staff members sign up for a PD offering, it will be cancelled.