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ND College Admissions Requirements

Four Year Institutions

  • All students who graduate from high school in 1993 or later (whether in North Dakota or any other state) and are under the age of 23 are subject to admission requirements at the four year public institutions.  The purpose of the admission requirements is to ensure that students entering North Dakota's baccalaureate institutions are prepared to succeed at the post secondary education level of studies.

Four Year Specific Admission Requirements

    • 4 units English
    • 3 units Math
    • 3 units Lab Science
    • 3 units Social Studies

    Each university is entitled to admit some students who have not had the required courses.  Students should contact the institution of their choice for further information.

Two Year Institutions

  • Requirements for admissions to most two year post secondary institutions are the same as those required for graduation from high school; however, if there is even the possibility that a student may attend a four year institution, it is recommended that the guide lines for admission to a four year institution be observed.

Graduation & ND Scholarship Requirements