Advanced English Sem. II: The dual-credit class is Introduction to Literature -- a study of short stories, novels, poetry, and drama. The textbook for the class is The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature by Michael Meyer. Check the links below for the class syllabus, accompanying links, PowerPoints, and handouts.  Check the Lesson Plan link on the front left of the instructor's homepage for assignments. NOTE: See box below on right for paper assignment attachments.  

Advanced English Sem. I: Follow the Clauses at Owl at Purdue link below to the "Independent and Dependent Clauses" page at Owl at Purdue.  Read the information on the page. Access the three links at the bottom of the page ("Run-ons, Comma-Splices, Fused Sentences"; "Sentence Variety"; and "Using Commas"). Complete the excercises at the bottom of the "Using Commas" page.

When you finish, follow the Comnet Grammar Quizzes link to "Interactive Quizzes" at Guide to Grammar and Writing.  Test and improve your knowledge of clauses and commas by taking quizzes 59-66 and 80-83.