7th Grade World Geography  

    Welcome to World Geography!


    Students and parents, this is an area where you can find lesson plans and the different things going on in our World Geography classroom. 

    I believe that the tendency when teaching this age group is to assign a boring text, drill and kill and then move on.  I am trying to steer away from this as Geography is a subject that is fascinating because it is not only about describing the earth, but it includes pictures, maps, diagrams and it includes a "description of life" here on earth.  It is a subject that is overflowing with possibilities because to some extent, it also includes man's interaction with the resources of the earth. My goal is to establish a hands-on geography which requires active not passive participation or studying in isolation.


    Landforms and Bodies of Water

    We started our World Geography year out by learning many of the great landforms and bodies of water that are common in the world.  Our project for this consisted of a Visual Dictionary that defined, provided a famous example of, and showed a visual of 33 different landforms and bodies of water.

    The Five Themes of Geography

    The five themes of Geography are an important part of Geography and can be applied to any place in the world. Geographers use the five themes for example, to study different cultures and find out why and how different people and ideas may have ended up where they did. Each student chose a country and applied the five themes to that country.

    Types of Maps, Hemispheres of the World and Map Skills

    Map Skills were upon us! We learned about directions (intermediate and cardinal) and even moved to a little "Compass Cha-Cha." We learned about the different kinds of maps, in what hemispheres different countries are located, the compass rose, using a map-scale and finally learning how to locate places in the world through latitude and longitude (absolute location).  Give us the coordinates (latitude and longitude)of any place in the world and we can find it! To wrap up latitude and longitude We did a fun project of locating, by latitude and longitude, where all the NFL teams' homes are.  

     Climate Zones

    Surviving in one of the world's climate zones for a year can be tricky to say the least, but our 7th graders were able to do it.  They devised a plan using the resources from a specified climate zone.  They devised a survival strategy where they lived in that climate zone for a year with their group.  They received $500 to budget and buy what they thought were the most essential items.  The only clothes they got were the clothes that they were wearing (unless they bought some with their $500).  It was fun to watch these creative minds soar!  They presented their projects to the whole class.  What a wonderful job they did!  Way to go, 7th graders!