• Here is a general idea of how we assess students. Detailed rubrics are available upon request. 


    4- Advanced

    Students may earn a 4 if they can demonstrate skills BEYOND our first grade standards.

    A 4 is not obtainable in all standards. 


    3- Proficient

    Students earn a 3 when they show mastery of a first grade standard.

    We strive for 3s on each standard by the end of the 4th quarter.


    2- Partially Proficient

    Students earn a 2 when they need assistance with a standard. 

    This means that they can do it with some help, but are still making errors. 

    2s are OK! It means that we are learning. 


    1- Novice

    Students earn a 1 when they need 1-on-1 help with a standard. 

    It is common to see 1s during the 1st and even 2nd quarters.